Welcome to qfix robotics GmbH

We develop, manufactur and distribute novel mechatronics and robotics products.

  • Robot / mechatronics kits for education, hobby und industry:

    • qfix robot kits
      Here, you will find information about Crash-Bobby, soccer platform and all the other qfix robot kits.

    • Direct link to the qfix Shop

    • NEW: Volksbot-Lab
      The new robot platform for education and training on the job with LabView support!

  • Industrial solutions:

    • Omnidirectional drive module
      This novel drive subsumes driving and steering in one module. It can be used alone or together with multiple modules.

    • Measurement kit
      Flexible, robust kit for different stable measurement arrangements.
"Crash-Bobby" robot kit
qfix  Crash-Bobby

Offroad robot
qfix Offroader

"RC-SOCCERBOT" robot kit
qfix RC-SoccerBot

OmniDrive plattform
qfix OmniDrive Plattform

Measurement kit