Robot kits for education and hobby

With the qfix robot kits, e.g. "Crash-Bobby", you can build your own complete robot including motors, sensors and a controller board. You bring your robot to life by implementing a program in C++ and downloading it to the controller.

Offroad robot with onboard PC or CompactRIO

This robot platform is an ideal vehicle for transportation or exploration tasks in indoor or outdoor environments.
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Soccer robot kit for Graupner Robotics

The RC-SOCCERBOT was developed for Graupner. It is a robot kit that you can build up an immediately start controlling it using a regular radio control. Further, you can develop your own programs and make the robot move autonomously.
-> See Graupner Robotics

Omnidrive Modul

This new modul combines motion and stearing in on unit. The modul can be used individually or can be combined with other modules in order to receive synchronous motion with incredible power. -> Read more...

Kit for measuring fixtures

These kits are used to fixate e.g. mechanical prototypes for measuring purposes. They consist of a set of standard parts that can be screwed together arbitrarily and so build a flexible but solid mechanical construction.

Robot kit "Crash-Bobby":

Offroad robot


Example: Platform with four omnidrive moduls qfix

Example: Measuring fixture